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The Israeli – Iranian Direct Military Collision: At the Threshold of A Critical Junction.

In this article Avi Melamed talks about the engagement between Israel and Iran, when an Iranian drone launched from Syria infiltrated Israeli territory. Israel intercepted the drone and it landed in Israeli territory.
Avi explains why this was a significant engagement and predicts what he thinks the result will be.

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Avi speaks to our young people in Q4T.

A Growing Whirlpool Of Violence: The Middle East Legacy Of Barack Obama.

In this article Avi Melamed explains what he sees as President Barack Obama’s legacy in the Middle East and why he believes it will have “ramifications of historic proportions”.

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Avi features in Q4T.

What Trump Can Learn From The Man Who Built Israel’s Boarder Walls.

With talk of America under the President Trump administration constructing a wall on the America – Mexican boarder, Forbes decided to find out from Danny Tirza what they could learn from him.
Danny Tirza was the architect of the security barrier between Israel and the Palestinian Territories, he also features in our documentary “Quest 4 Truth”.

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Danny features in Q4T.

My Enemy Is My Best Asset.

In this article Avi Melamed gives a great glimpse into the complexities of the Middle East. He addresses how complicated it actually is to deal with ISIS, when surrounding nations like Iran have their own agendas.

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Avi shows a map of the Middle East in Q4T.

Five Simple Truths About The Mideast Conflict.

In this article Dr Michael Brown looks at “Five Truths About The Mideast Conflict” e.g. is there such a thing as a historic “Palestinian people”? Is only one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is committed to peaceful co-existence.

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Dr Michael Brown features in Q4T.