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Quest For Truth

Thank you for reaching out to partner with Q4T through this cutting-edge documentary. “Quest For Truth” aims to reach all ages, as they follow a group of young people engaging with Palestinian and Israeli leaders.
It aims to leave viewers examining their own preconceived ideas and challenging the misrepresentation often made by their peers, education establishments and media.

Book A Screening:

While we have released this documentary without charge on YouTube and Vimeo, there are huge benefits to hosting a screening.

  • Group participation and face to face relational setting.
  • Opportunity to hear from those involved.
  • Engagement through Q&A’s.
  • A place for supportive products and resources to be made available.
  • An open door to future training and engagement.
  • Opportunities to support those working to further truth and justice.

Q4T will provide:

  • Advertising material online for you to print and circulate.
  • A participant in the documentary to attend personally or through Skype, depending on availability.
  • Downloadable feedback sheets which you can customize.
  • Higher quality video exclusively for screenings of the documentary and summary of the incredible story behind it’s making.
  • Contact with Q4T leadership before / after screening.

For more info and application to host a screening please complete the form below.

Book A Speaker:

We would welcome the opportunity to speak at your event / gathering.

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